What's ACSIS Plus all about?
For over 25 years ACSIS Ltd has been facilitating Professional Indemnity Insurance for Surveyors and more recently a range of other insurances.

Often we are asked, "why can’t we provide this or that" and hence in consideration of these requests ACSIS PLUS was born.

ACSIS PLUS provides many of the essential business tools and services for efficient management of your practice. To provide an extensive range of extra services, ACSIS Ltd have negotiated with specialists in the fields of:
  • Taxation &/or Accounting Assistance
  • Legal Services & Assistance
  • Current IT News & Computing Assistance
  • Investments & Financial Advice
  • Debtor Control & Terms of Engagement
  • Administration &/or Management
  • Purchasing

Although it is generally a paid service, ACSIS PLUS is currently FREE for all renewing ACSIS members with PI insurance, giving you extensive access to all of the above services.



Your ACSIS Plus benefits
ACSIS PLUS offers your firm an extensive range of benefits including:
  • Taxation & Accounting Assistance
    • GST enquiries
    • Financial/accounting enquiries
    • Dealing with the tax office
    • BAS enquiries
  • Specialised Insurance
    • Business & asset protection
    • Salary Protection
    • Estate Protection
  • Legal Services & Assistance
    • 3rd party contract review
    • Buy/sell & shareholders agreements
    • Clients rights and obligations
    • General legal services
  • Current IT News & Computing Assistance
    • What’s new in free software?
    • What sort of computer, server or printer do I need?
    • What’s that error message mean?
  • Investments & Financial Advice
    • Creating an investment portfolio
    • Analysing my risk tolerance
    • Self managed super fund
  • Debtor Control
    • Chasing bad payers
    • Terms of credit
  • Administration & Management
    • Human resources tools
    • Employee policies
    • Common law employment Agreements
    • Workforce planning
    • Position descriptions
    • Recruitment & selection
    • Induction
    • Performance management
    • Termination
    • Training management
    • Complaints
    • WH&S
  • Purchasing
    • Accommodation
    • Background & reference checking
    • Bank services
    • Car rental
    • Corporate cards
    • Discounted purchase benefits
    • Flights
    • Glass replacement
    • Whitegoods & electronics
How does my business participate in ACSIS Plus?

Currently, all renewing (and newly joining) members with PI insurance will receive access to ACSIS PLUS at no extra cost, and will be issued with a firm-specific username and password.

Don't have your login details yet? Please don't hesitate to Contact Us.



How often can we use ACSIS Plus subscription services?

In many cases the use is unlimited, although reasonable use limits may apply. In other cases each individual enquiry is limited to 20 minutes. You are of course able to make multiple enquiries each up to a maximum of 20 minutes.

Should an enquiry be complex in nature and appear to be greater than 20 minutes you will be advised and a fee for additional time may apply.



How long does an ACSIS Plus subscription last?

Your subscription will normally run for the full term of your PI Policy 18 months. If for some reason your PI is for a lesser period then your ACSIS PLUS will also be pro rata.



What will ACSIS Plus cost?

ALthough it is generally a paid service, ACSIS PLUS is currently FREE to all renewing and newly joining members with PI insurance.



How do I access ACSIS Plus services?

Simply go to the ACSIS PLUS website at

Log in with your username and password and follow the links to your specific enquiry.

You will be able to download information directly or be given a phone number or email contact for your specific enquiry.

For enquiries of 20 minutes or less there is no charge, over this time a negotiated fee may apply.



Who are the ACSIS Plus service providers?
Our service providers include:
  • Crofts Chartered Accountants
  • Crofts Financial Services
  • Contractors Debt Recovery
  • Steadfast
  • Indemnity Legal
  • Static Wave Web & Digital Marketing
  • Steadfast IRS Pty Limited (formerly Indemnity Corporation)




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Please note that the period of Professional Indemnity Insurance has now reduced from
18 months to 12 months. 



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