Spatialcover Professional Indemnity


Any financial loss arising from a mistake or failure by surveyors and spatial industry professionals may result in a judgment in favour of your client/s.

A professional may also be held liable for a mistake even though there was no negligence but infringement of other laws. For example, creates an exposure for false and misleading conduct in the promotion of your services.

Reasons for surveyors and spatial professionals being sued by third parties for causing a financial loss as a result of their business activities may include:

  • Errors in the provision of designs and drawings
  • Incorrect or misleading advice or technical information
  • Errors in any survey activity

ACSIS Ltd Professional Indemnity policy is designed to protect your personal assets against damages awarded by a court, or from a negotiated settlement, in relation to an act, error or omission committed by the professional during the conduct of professional duties. It generally covers the costs and expenses of defending claims.
The ACSIS Ltd facilitated PI policy has a broad range of conditions available. 


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