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A Practitioners Guide To Risk Management and Loss Prevention, For The Surveying and Geospatial Industries


This booklet rewrites the earlier publication "Surveyors and their Professional Liability - A Manual of Loss Prevention" whilst at the same time reflecting changes that have occurred during the past quarter century. It must be remembered, however, that no publication can ever be entirely up to date.

It is the intention of this publication to draw together many facts relating to both Professional Indemnity Insurance and Risk Management/Loss Prevention that are currently scattered over several publications.

Although this booklet has been prepared essentially for consulting surveyors and those involved in spatial science, it would also be applicable to many other professionals and students alike. Further, many of the experiences quoted are based on those of ACSIS Ltd over some 17 years. However, there is no reason to suggest the experience of other sections of the industry would be any different.

ACSIS Ltd (previously Australian Consulting Surveyors Insurance Society Limited) is pleased to have provided the funding and resources to research and publish this booklet in conjunction with Monash University, Melbourne.

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Chapter List 


Chapter 1: Introduction to the Surveying and Geospatial Information Sector
Chapter 2: Some Legal Issues in Practice
Chapter 3: Limitation of the Right to Bring Actions
Chapter 4: Guide to Insurance Law and Practice
Chapter 5: Pitfalls of Practice and Managing Risks
Chapter 6: Identification Surveys and Reports
Chapter 7: Case Histories




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