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Liability Management Handbook - For Practising Surveyors and Spatial Information Consultants-Risk Management Programme

This handbook is a revision and partial rewriting of a previous publication titled "A Disclaimer Manual For Surveyors." It is intended as a reference to guide and assist private practitioners in delivering the highest standard services by minimising risks associated with potential misunderstandings related to these services.

This handbook provides practical ways for practitioners to manage the inherent risks associated with their day-to-day work and, in doing so, form part of their “Risk Management Procedures”.

The publication contains valuable advice regarding the use of disclaimers and cautionary statements.

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Chapter List

Chapter 1: Explanatory Statements & Disclaimers Defined
Chapter 2: Exclusion & Limitation Clauses
Chapter 3: The “In Principle” Need for Explanatory Statements & Disclaimers
Chapter 4: Why Use Explanatory Statements and Disclaimers in Client-Consultant Relationships
Chapter 5: The Trade Practices Act & Other Consumer Legislation
Chapter 6: Components of Explanatory Statements & Disclaimers
Chapter 7: Procedures for Consultants
Chapter 8: Explanatory Statements & Disclaimers: Warning Notes
Chapter 9: Digital Data Applications
Appendix 1: How TPA/FTA Applies to Consultants
Appendix 2: Recommended Risk Management Procedures
Appendix 3: Butcher V Lachlan Elder Realty Pty Limited
Epilogue: Ray Ferguson, Emeritus Surveyor, Brisbane




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