Spatialcover Salary Continuance


Salary Continuance Insurance provides staff with a monthly income of up to 75% of salary to members who suffer an illness or injury and are totally disabled.

Group salary continuance offers many additional benefits to that provided by income protection as it allows you to combine all staff with higher limits of automatic protection and coverage.

Monthly income benefit payments are payable after a selected waiting period following the commencement of the illness or injury.

Benefits include:

  • A choice of salary continuance to suit your needs
  • Payment of monthly benefits to replace lost income
  • Insurance can be tailored to suit your needs
  • Cover is available for members seconded overseas
  • Continuation and replacement cover options for members leaving the plan
  • Flexible premium payments options are available

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A short note to all members,
the next renewal round for all members is scheduled to begin
in March for the March renewals.
As in previous years the April and May renewals will
follow in due course.
Keep an eye out for the Societies brokers
Network Insurance Group, to contact you with the
renewals details and documents.

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