Risk Management Program For Surveyors

ACSIS Ltd formed a joint venture with Monash University to produce a Risk Management Program for Surveyors to enhance skills in this area and to provide a pathway to future graduate studies in risk management at Monash University.

The basic aim of the Risk Management Program for Surveyors was to encourage as many firms and individuals as possible to embrace the principles of Risk Management and Loss Prevention and thereby avoid or minimise professional indemnity claims.

The program comprised 5 modules and addressed key areas of risk management, finance, business practices and legal issues, behavioural management and practical case studies.

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Chapter List 



Chapter 1: Introduction To Practical Risk Management
Topic 1: Introduction and overview of risk
Topic 2: The risk problem
Topic 3: The need to manage risk
Topic 4: The process for managing risk
Topic 5: Uncertainty and risk
Topic 6: Solutions and decisions

Chapter 2: Behavourial Aspects of Management
Topic 1: Communication with staff and clients
Topic 2: Delegation and work flow
Topic 3: Behaviour and decision making
Topic 4: Business practice and outcomes
Topic 5: Professional practice defined
Topic 6: Stress and self-esteem
Topic 7: Motivating the workforce
Topic 8: The psychology of the client and the workforce
Topic 9: Organisational culture

Chapter 3: Finance for Effective Management
Topic 1: Financial management
Topic 2: Financial principles
Topic 3: Financial statements
Topic 4: Financial statement analysis
Topic 5: Budgeting
Topic 6: Costing
Topic 7: Cost/volume (CVP) analysis
Topic 8: Capital budgeting
Topic 9: Introduction to financial markets

Chapter 4: Business Practice and Legal Issues
Topic 1: Law and the Australian legal system
Topic 2: Misrepresentation
Topic 3: Formation of contract: Part 1
Topic 4: Formation of contract: Part 2
Topic 5: Express terms of the contract
Topic 6: Implied terms of the contract
Topic 7: Discharge of the contract and other remedies
Topic 8: Agency
Topic 9: Partnership
Topic 10: Negotiable instruments and cheques
Topic 11: Law of bankruptcy

Practical Case Studies
Study 1
Study 2
Study 3
Study 4
Study 5
Study 6
Study 7
Study 8
Study 9




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