ACSIS Ltd is an Australian based professional association facilitates surveyor insurance for surveyors across Australia and, with a membership base of more than 600 member firms, including those in Run-off.

ACSIS Ltd trades as the Australian Consulting Surveyors Insurance Society and has now been operative for in excess of 30 years.

The ACSIS Ltd model for providing services and facilitated products to members and clients has been very successful and the company now has the financial strength to sustain its operations and growth.

During its years of operation ACSIS Ltd has been able to create a stable environment for PI Insurance and policy conditions that are the envy of many other professions.

The ACSIS Ltd board comprises of up to 8 directors who are industry leaders and who take advice from a range of suitably qualified professionals.

ACSIS Ltd continues to encourage a culture of risk management amongst its members, ensuring that both claims and premiums are kept at a minimum.


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A short note to all members,
the next renewal round for all members is scheduled to begin
in March for the March renewals.
As in previous years the April and May renewals will
follow in due course.
Keep an eye out for the Societies brokers
Network Insurance Group, to contact you with the
renewals details and documents.

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