ACSIS Ltd Audits

ACSIS Ltd periodically organises audits of surveying and spatial information professional practices.

For participating firms the benefits include a health check on the firm's practices and up to 10% discount off the base Professional Indemnity premiums depending upon the audit score achieved.

To date, audits have been carried out late 2006, early 2007, mid 2008, late 2009, early 2010, mid 2011, late 2012 & early 2014.  The latest audit being carried out late 2015. 

Audits are based on the 'Dimensions - A Risk Management Manual for Practising Surveyors and Spatial Information Consultants' previously circulated to all member firms and created by Gold Seal Risk Management Services after consultation with surveyors. ACSIS Ltd members benefit from the experience. Audit results are processed by ACSIS Ltd.

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Please note that the period of Professional Indemnity Insurance has now reduced from
18 months to 12 months. 



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